Ground transportation is a vital part of today’s connected trip, creating a frictionless door to door experience for travellers all over the world. Integration of ground transportation services enables travel companies who are already in the process of searching for accommodation to simply add the transfer option to their hotel booking, avoiding yet another API Integration. 

To make the selling process as smooth as possible, Travelgate uses the information from the hotel quote to calculate the best transfer options and return them within the quote response. 

This way, the client can book a hotel with transportation included.


What’s in it for me?

Start offering transfers to your customers with minimal development efforts and at no cost! The company behind the transfers offered in the hotel+t bundle is Servantrip, a specialist providing multiple transfer suppliers in a single aggregated feed. 

Travelgate and Servantrip have reached a special agreement in which this added value solution costs Travelgate Buyers absolutely nothing.


Step by Step tech guide

As a Buyer, you'll need to be connected to our latest API, Hotel-X. From there, in just a few steps you can start booking one-way or round-trip transfers as an added value to your hotel offering.

  1. Activate Servantrip Transfers in your organization
  2. Start a Hotel Search as you normally would
  3. When you selected your Hotel Quote, you will receive a list of available transfers back and forth to the selected hotel from nearby airports, with no change in the Hotel Quote request
  4. In Hotel Book we need the Transfer Option Identifier, returned in step (3), plus the flight number and contact details (email and phone) to successfully complete the book

The reason the final client's contact details are mandatory is so that the transfer company can be aware of any changes to the booking

Below is a technical demonstration of the steps you will need to take to implement transfers into your hotel shopping flow:

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